Propulsion Québec

Meeting Objectives

To meet with companies who are interested the development of the electric and intelligent transportation ecosystem.

Organization Profile

Our Mission : CATALYZES the entire sector around joint projects with the objective of positioning Quebec among the world leaders in developing and implementing smart and electric modes of ground transportation, for the benefit of Quebec’s economy and environment. In 2024, Propulsion Québec will be amongst the North American leaders in electric and smart transportation, and will have established these ways of transportation as a top choice and solution for mobility and environmental issues. To achieve this, Propulsion Québec will have contributed to transforming the effervescence of the members and stakeholders (of the ecosystem) into a powerful and oriented driving force. Therefore, Propulsion Québec will have facilitated the recognition of Quebec’s EST as a world-class ecosystem.

OUR BUSINESS AREAS : charging facilities, smart infrastructure, mobility as service, smart vehicles and electric vehicle. Organized around six distinct working groups aimed at developing and supporting innovative projects, Propulsion Québec seeks to accelerate and support the development of Quebec’s electric and intelligent transportation ecosystem in order to reinvent the future of mobility and to enhance a positive energy transition.


– Regulation and Public Policy

– R&D and Innovation

– Demonstration and Trial

– Commercialization and Supply chain

– Skilled labor

– Funding