City of Summerside

Prince Edward Island

Aerospace | Clean Tech | Manufacturing | Technology

Meeting Objectives

To meet companies looking at expansion opportunities, proof of concept validation opportunities and companies engaged in clean tech, IT, aerospace and light manufacturing

Organization Profile

Situated in Prince Edward Island off the East Coast of Canada, Summerside occupies the ideal midway location between major North American and European cities… and the perfect North American gateway between Europe and Asia. Year-round ports, major air cargo routes and high-bulk land transportation ensure excellent access to all markets. And Summerside is less than a 3-hour flight to New York, Boston and Toronto.

Summerside is the story of our people and our spirit. With a population of just 16,000 but infrastructure rivalling the world’s largest cities, Summerside has been adding real value and expertise to global enterprise. While a small City, Summerside is part of a very large eco-system, a region of 2.4 million people, a collective GDP of $105.8 billion and strong trading connections with the USA.

Summerside has made itself the North American home for a host of businesses and a case study location for smart grids, information technology and adaptive technologies, all with the aim of advancing innovation in fields crucial to the planet’s future. With over 62% of Summerside’s energy coming from renewable sources and a municipally owned
electric utility readily available for trial innovations, the City of Summerside is the perfect go-to-market partner for testing, validating and commercializing clean technologies.