Apex Instruments

Meeting Objectives

Meetings with companies that require emission solutions for State and Federal regulatory requirements.

Organization Profile

Apex Instruments was established in 1988 as an American-owned company with a worldwide impact. Apex provides source and ambient emissions solutions, custom mobile laboratories, and cloud-based data workflows.

For more than 25 years, Apex Instruments has manufactured equipment for sampling emissions from industrial chimneys and smokestacks using U.S. EPA guidelines. Our equipment is designed by a staff of experienced stack testers who understand your compliance testing needs.

Apex provides testing consoles, probes, pitots, umbilicals, glassware, filters, and much more. We are innovators in engineering equipment that is versatile and easy to use and can design and fabricate customized equipment for isokinetic gas, particulate sampling, and fence line monitoring.

We have always been directly involved with the environmental industry, working close with the U.S. EPA. When the Clean Air Act was established in 1990 and hazardous air pollutants were identified for control, Apex Instruments was at the forefront of product design, method evaluation and implementation.

With over 12,000 parts and products in inventory, Apex Instruments is recognized as a market and thought leader in the industry. Our focus today, as it was over 35 years ago, is customer service and satisfaction.

Apex Instruments, Inc. is located at 204 Technology Park Lane, Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, a short distance to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, Research Center located in the Research Triangle Park.