V Alexander



Meeting Objectives

For more than 75 years, V Alexander has long sought to serve its local region by providing cost effective, efficient transportation and compliance solutions. Our goal is to partner with like-minded companies who value our services so that we can serve them, and they in turn, can serve their local communities.

Organization Profile

V Alexander is one of the largest privately held freight forwarders & US Customs Brokers in the United States. Since 1946 we have been leveraging our people and technology to provide flexible, customized solutions for our clients. We excel in air & ocean freight in import, export, and foreign to foreign freight movements. Customs Compliance is at the forefront of our focus in giving our clients peace of mind that they are transacting business with US Customs. Our in-house Licensed Customs Brokers along with our in-house Trade Insights, which provides trade/compliance consulting, ensure our clients are importing & exporting while showing both reasonable care & due diligence.