Prince Edward Island


Meeting Objectives

Is your organization actively seeking innovative solutions to enhance talent acquisition, training, and employee onboarding? Are you strategically incorporating immersive learning methods into your company's present or future plans? Familiar with cutting-edge technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), or Mixed Reality (MR)? UP360 serves as the ideal catalyst for businesses aspiring to delve into or adopt immersive technology within their operations. Whether you're keen to gain insights into this transformative tech or have a particular project in mind, our CEO eagerly awaits the opportunity to engage in a productive discussion with you.

Organization Profile

Since 2016, UP360 has partnered with organizations around North America to design, develop and scale immersive learning experiences using technologies like Virtual Reality. UP360 works with various partners, from colleges and associations to not-for-profits and corporations, to modernize how they deliver their education and training.

We focus on building some of the most intuitive, realistic and engaging simulations for careers that are traditionally very hands-on. Some examples of this include simulations for Construction Safety, Renewable Energy, Electrical, Welding and so much more.

We approach every project with a true partnership mentality, working with your organization to build and scale a future-proofed VR-based experience helping every step of the way, from design and development to implementation and management.

At UP360 we bring so much more than just technology; we bring the passion and vision needed to help you shape your idea into something truly extraordinary. You bring the subject expertise, and together, we can create a new reality for education and training and help uplift, inspire and educate the next generation of workers.