Teverra LLC

Meeting Objectives

To explore applicability of our energy transition and clean energy solutions to decarbonize and power up port development and electrification, transportation, aquaculture and Seafood Development. We are also experts in subsurface monitoring and would like to explore how we can apply our knowledge to monitoring other systems.

Organization Profile

Teverra LLC is a leading-edge technology company, established in 2014, working on subsurface solutions for energy transition and decarbonization specifically working on carbon storage, geothermal energy and long-term energy storage. We conduct cutting edge R&D and executes global service projects to minimize our clients environmental footprint including adding value by optimum use of industrial heat, thermal energy storage and applying geothermal energy to marine and onshore applications. Teverra’s mission is to apply the knowledge and learnings from the oil and gas industry to accelerate the clean energy movement. The company’s core competencies include: decarbonization, renewable energy system design, geomechanics, drilling optimization, enhanced geothermal systems, subsurface monitoring, data analytics and real-time data acquisition, compression and transmission. Teverra has been awarded several prestigious grants from industry and government (NSF and US Department of Energy).