Siemens Canada: Power Technologies International (PTI)

New Brunswick

Asset Management

Meeting Objectives

  • Promote Siemens PTI Consulting services to the industries.
  • Discuss challenges related to electrification, digitalization and decarbonization and the energy transition.

Organization Profile

Siemens Canada is a subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global technology company with operations in more than 200 countries. Siemens Canada provides engineering and technology solutions across multiple industries, including energy, healthcare, and manufacturing.

PTI Consulting
From strategic advisory service to technical consultancy: Siemens Power Technologies International (PTI) provides a holistic view to master the technical and economic challenges of today’s and future energy systems.

Our strategic consultants help optimize value by providing guidance in the fields of business transformation, infrastructure development, as well as digitalization strategies.

Drawing upon more than 65 years of international experience and continuous innovation in power system planning, Siemens PTI addresses the full scope of analysis, design, and optimization studies. Managing industry change and leveraging digitalization while safeguarding system performance is our key mission.

PTI Consulting consists of:
Energy Business Advisory – Guiding organizations to maximize customer value in an evolving energy landscape. Example services:
o Digitalization Strategies and Transformation
o Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization Strategies
o eMobility Strategies and System Integration
o Smart Infrastructure Scoping

Power Systems Consulting – Planning and optimizing the structure, performance and operation of energy systems. Example services:
o Grid Code Compliance
o Power Quality
o Grid Modeling & Grid Data Consulting
o Power System Analysis & Design

Whether you’re looking to integrate renewables, implement a microgrid, convert your vehicle fleet to electric, develop a plan to decarbonize, or wondering what technologies can provide the best ROI in achieving your ESG goals, PTI can help.