Siemens Canada Limited: Critical Infrastructure Defense Center

New Brunswick


Meeting Objectives

  • Promote Siemens OT Cybersecurity services to the industries.
  • Create awareness on importance of OT Cybersecurity.
  • Challenges faced by industries.
  • How Siemens can help the industries in mitigating the OT Cybersecurity risks/threat.

Organization Profile

Siemens Canada is a subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global technology company with operations in more than 200 countries. Siemens Canada provides engineering and technology solutions across multiple industries, including energy, healthcare, and manufacturing.

The Critical Infrastructure Defense Center (CIDC) in Fredericton, New Brunswick is one of Siemens Canada’s initiatives to help secure and protect the critical infrastructure industry in North America. The center combines Siemens decades of experience in operational technology along with the capabilities of its cybersecurity research team to develop innovative security solutions for critical infrastructure sectors such as energy, transportation, and telecommunications.

The CIDC in Fredericton focuses on a range of security solutions, including cybersecurity assessments, cyber defense, threat intelligence, and incident response. It also provides training and simulation exercises to help organizations improve their preparedness and resilience in the face of security threats.

In summary, the Siemens Canada Critical Infrastructure Defense Center in Fredericton is a hub of innovation and expertise in the field of critical infrastructure security, providing cutting-edge solutions and services to help protect Canada’s essential systems and keep communities safe.

Siemens has a strong reputation in the field of operational technology (OT) cybersecurity, and it has many successful use cases across multiple industries. Some of the industries where Siemens has had the most successful use cases for OT cybersecurity include:

  • Energy: Siemens has a long history of providing cybersecurity solutions for the energy sector, including protection for power plants, transmission grids, and oil and gas pipelines.
  • Manufacturing: Siemens has worked with many manufacturing companies to secure their operations and protect against threats to their production systems and supply chains.
  • Transportation: Siemens has provided cybersecurity solutions for transportation systems, including train control systems and traffic management systems, to help protect against cyber threats.
  • Utilities: Siemens has helped utilities secure their critical infrastructure, including water treatment plants and wastewater systems.
  • Oil & Gas: Siemens has provided cybersecurity solutions to help oil and gas companies protect their critical infrastructure and operations against cyber threats.

These are some of the industries where Siemens has had the most successful use cases for OT cybersecurity, but the company has also provided solutions to other sectors, including chemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals. The increasing importance of cybersecurity for OT systems across all industries has driven demand for Siemens’ expertise and solutions in this area.