RS Marine Ltd./ RODS

Newfoundland and Labrador


Meeting Objectives

To connect with scientific, environmental and technology driven companies and government entities that will need vessel support to perform activities such as ocean bottom mapping for wind farm integration, species surveys for DFO stock assessments and testing of new innovative technology on the ocean in a real work environment.

Organization Profile

Real-Time Ocean Data Service Ltd (RODS) is an Indigenous marine research charter company that is undertaking significant enhancements to its capabilities to address the tremendous demand that has been demonstrated for its services. RODS has utilized/leased a vessel owned by an affiliated company (RS Marine), the F/V Patrick and William, to perform research work for public, private and government entities since 2019. As a result of the significant demand for marine research on the East coast and in the Arctic, RODS purchased the (former Coast Guard vessel CCGS Harp) R/V Connor Murphy which is dedicated solely to marine research work.

RODS has been investing in new technology for its vessels to offer to prospective clients in the rapidly growing marine research sector. Our new ice strengthened research vessel platform houses an EM 712 Multibeam, Dynamic Positioning System, Veem Gyro Stabilizers, EK 80, EM 2040, Wet, Dry and Computer labs, ROV Capabilities, 10 tonne crane, 5 tonne Research Crane and will have 22 berths which is enough room to carry 15-16 scientific personnel on a 45-50 day charter depending on location and charter activities.