Raspet Flight Research Lab, Mississippi State University

Meeting Objectives

Develop industry partnerships where advanced R&D in aerospace-related technologies are sought. This could include everything from fundamental flight sciences, propulsion, sensors, navigation, GIS, communications, defense related concepts, prototyping, proof-of-concepts, flight operations, etc. to support the partner's ambitions.

Organization Profile

MSU’s Raspet Flight Research Laboratory has a storied history in aerospace research and is a national leader for the advancement of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS). Raspet is the only institute in the world designated both as the FAA’s UAS Safety Research Facility and as official UAS Test Sites for both the FAA and the Department of Homeland Security, placing the research center at the helm of studying and developing UAS safety and certification standards. Home to a fleet of the largest and most capable uncrewed aircraft in academic use, Raspet conducts UAS research on behalf of federal agencies and commercial industry partners, helping grow Mississippi’s aerospace sector.