Port of Argentia, Inc.

Anchor Organization

Newfoundland and Labrador


Meeting Objectives

Meet with companies that can assist in the greening of the Port through environmentally friendly and sustainable operations and alternatives to power-intense equipment. This includes meeting with:

  • Key industry stakeholders and leaders in the global energy transition;
  • Companies seeking to transfer market intelligence;
  • Companies knowledgeable in best practices and new technologies in port electrification;
  • Companies interested in participating in the multi-phase Argentia Renewables project;
  • Companies with green technologies for port infrastructure improvements;
  • Companies in need of manufacturing or warehousing with direct port access.

Organization Profile

Port of Argentia Inc.  is focused on facilitating energy transition initiatives and has partnered with major global players in key industry sectors in the renewable energy space.

Port of Argentia has secured two significant contracts with heavy transport company Boskalis to receive and store monopiles for installation at Northeastern US offshore wind farms.

In collaboration with Pattern Energy, the Port has initiated the creation of Argentia Renewables—a significant and comprehensive renewable energy endeavor located at Argentia. This ambitious project encompasses multiple phases and incorporates a wind energy initiative alongside the establishment of a cutting-edge facility for the production and export of green hydrogen and other renewable fuel derivatives.

Argentia is being considered for the establishment of an offshore pipe spool base facility to support subsea development in the oil and gas industry.

A planned dock expansion at Argentia will see the latest innovations in port electrification technology to ensure best practices for green port marine services to many key industry sectors.

Strategically located near the main shipping lanes between North America and Europe, Argentia offers domestic and international container shipping and a wide range of marine and shoreline supports, including crane and trucking services, stevedoring, storage facilities and laydown yards.

The Port offers well-maintained infrastructure, over 600 metres docking facilities with up to 11 metre draft, with over 1,000 hectares of industrial zoned uplands and a suite of buildings suited for storage and light manufacturing.

Port of Argentia’s land assets and dock facilities position it well to provide shoreline supports and marshalling yards in support of key industry sectors including U.S. offshore wind projects.