NVision Solutions, Inc.



Meeting Objectives

Identify new business partners/opportunities as a manufacturer, or distributor, or contract services.

Organization Profile

NVision operates a multi-faceted organization specializing in different but related technical areas: Remote Sensing services and application development, GIS services and application development, database development and integration, harsh and environment engineering and manufacturing/production.
NVision entered the engineering realm a little over 10 years ago with the purchase of a marine engineering division of a major company. Since that time NVision has grown that capability in complexity and size. Specializing in rapid prototyping through commercial production. Serving as an end-to-end service in advanced, harsh environment engineering. Things that go at the bottom of the ocean, perhaps for years, to things that go to outer space and everything in between. NVision has advanced electronic engineering capabilities, designing and populating circuit boards to support our missions, pressure vessels that are to full ocean depth to surface buoys as well as manned and unmanned vessel-mounted technology.
Our advanced machining capabilities include additive manufacturing, 3d modeling to CNC programing for our own modern 5 axis mills and lathes. As a US Company located on the Gulf coast adjacent to NASA Stennis Space Center we are well versed in exporting at all levels, commercial through ITAR. Given our location, and competitive salaries we are an ideal agile, mid-sized corporation to assist you with rapid prototyping through production.
Our Remote Sensing capabilities include Land-use/Land-cover classification, developing signature libraries, image manipulation, mosaicing, sub-setting, and enhancing remotely sensed and airborne data. NVision has production capabilities including advanced feature extraction, 3d feature extraction, and terrain editing.
Our GIS capabilities include expert working level understanding of all major GIS software packages. NVision’s team has extensive experience developing GIS models, both vector and raster. NVision has extensive experience in bathymetric data production. We also have the capability to rapidly collect and process shallow (<60’) bathymetric data, this skill set applied directly to mapping shallow waters such as ports, bays, and channels. We also conduct scientific surveys of oyster reefs, shallow shipwrecks, pre and post story channels, and sea grass. We use both manned and unmanned assets to collect data. NVision also maintains skill sets in the development of flood inundation models from elevation data of all types, photographic, surveyed, IfSar, and Radar. While NVision maintains expert level GIS capabilities outlined above, we also have the rudimentary capabilities of data production, digitizing, and general map making that has been the foundation of GIS for decades.
NVision’s database skill set includes the capability to design and integrate GIS databases for use in advanced scientific research. We have extensive experience in GIS specific database design and implementation and the design/implementation of databases optimized to catalogue and distribute remotely sensed data.
NVision’s specialization comes from our rich history as technical problem solvers, outside the box thinking, and a penchant for developing disruptive technology. From our humble origins more than 22 years ago through today, having endured multiple periods of national and international hostile economic environments, NVision remains a steadfast and committed partner and problem solver. NVision is a tightly held C-Corp that answers only to our clients and our own integrity.