Mythos AI

Meeting Objectives

Mythos AI is seeking to find meaningful connections in the marine shipping domain where our self-driving technology can be deployed.  Interested in meeting with tech-savvy early adopters that have a vision for the future.

Organization Profile

Our mission at Mythos is to streamline the process of marine shipping in order to reduce the environmental impact while increasing profit margins.

Before Mythos AI, our team members developed self-driving technology for the largest commercial and government entities in the world. Each one of our team members is an expert in their discipline. Together we’ve commissioned over 40 unique autonomous and unmanned marine craft including a program of record for the U.S. Navy.

By reinventing vessel-based workflows and introducing hardened self-driving, we’re changing the way humanity interacts with the water for the better.

Vessels will operate sustainably, and our waterways will become more resilient to the impacts of human activity and climate change. Both the economy and environment will reap the benefits.