Mississippi State University Advanced Composites Institute


Engineering Services

Meeting Objectives

To connect with industries and learn about their breakthroughs and needs that MSU can help with while bringing economic development to the state of Mississippi.

Organization Profile

MSU’s Advanced Composites Institute (ACI) is a highly respected university, and industry-applied research asset focused on pioneering transformational composite technologies in a variety of critical sectors.

The Institute is equipped and positioned to support disruptive, interdisciplinary programs that address fundamental upstream and broader downstream needs in aerospace, defense, automotive, marine, energy, and other critical markets.

MSU’s ACI houses and operates over $10 million of composite manufacturing equipment and employs more than thirty-five full-time staff, engineers, technicians, and student interns. ACI utilizes strategic industry partnerships, 100+ years of aerospace industry experience, and unique manufacturing capabilities to assist MSU in executing over $300 million in contracts annually.