MDS Coating

Prince Edward Island


Meeting Objectives

While our Additive Manufacturing capabilities have traditionally been exclusive to supporting our in-house coating operations, we are excited to announce that we have made significant investments in internal processes, research and development, and have recently expanded our capacity. As a result, we now see tremendous opportunities to establish ourselves as a leading Additive Manufacturing supplier. Our deep understanding of precision manufacturing, materials, and commitment to quality uniquely positions us to meet the needs of customers who are determined to push the boundaries of innovation. We believe that our expertise and dedication will resonate strongly with such forward-thinking customers.

Organization Profile

MDS Coating is the global leader in aerospace durability coatings specializing in the compressor sections of gas turbine engines with a manufacturing facility in Slemon Park, Prince Edward Island and a research and development (R&D) facility in Montreal, Quebec. MDS Coating excels in providing cutting-edge nanotechnology coatings that provide particle erosion protection, corrosion resistance and fluid erosion protection. MDS Coating also specializes in Additive Manufacturing, offering a wide range of capabilities in both metal and nylon. Our Additive Manufacturing services are further enhanced by advanced processes such as heat treatment, ultra-polishing, blue light scanning, CNC machining, and comprehensive in-house design capabilities. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, MDS Coating has established a strong industry reputation by consistently delivering high-quality products with short turn-around times to customers worldwide.