Mariner Partners Inc.

New Brunswick | Nova Scotia


Meeting Objectives

Explore opportunities to support energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction objectives leveraging our energy optimization offering. Explore opportunities to support improved cybersecurity posture within operational maritime environments. Explore opportunities to support clients with other unique digital transformation initiatives.

Organization Profile

Founded in 2003, Mariner is an advanced technology company with a team of over 350 technologists and consultants serving clients across four lines of business:

Shift Energy: Cloud based energy optimization software for commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and venues/arenas.

Mariner Innovations: Largest privately held consultancy in Atlantic Canada focused on enabling digital transformation for our diverse client community, with a focus on advanced technologies, organizational change management, and cybersecurity.

Mariner xVu: Best-in-class IP network software solution for telcos, cablecos and ISPs, employing big data and IoT technologies to improve customer experience and reduce churn.

East Valley Ventures: Working with founders and entrepreneurs to build and scale great ICT companies within Atlantic Canada region.

Our success is rooted in our ability to deliver innovative solutions and value to our customers throughout Canada and abroad. Mariner provides core IT and strategic advisory services, has commercialized six technologies, and invests in the development of enterprise product offerings leveraging the capabilities of emerging technologies like Big Data and Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud and Security.