Marine Thinking Inc.

Meeting Objectives

  • Identify companies interested in joining Marine Thinking’s global USV distributor program.
  • Identify sales opportunities - autonomous uncrewed surface vessels.
  • Identify innovation project opportunities.
  • Understand Port and Transportation industry requirements and identify application for Marine Thinking's USV products, including underwater survey, infrastructure monitoring, water quality monitoring.

Organization Profile

Marine Thinking is an autonomous technology company transforming the way we understand and interact with the ocean. Empowering crewed and uncrewed surface vessels (USV) with autonomous performance capabilities, we are creating new possibilities and opportunities for a wide variety of marine applications.

From navigation and multi-tier communication systems to artificial intelligence and machine learning, our autonomous technology solutions are helping the industry advance further and faster while ensuring a safer and more sustainable future.

We currently offer a portfolio of 1st-party autonomous surface vessels that serve today’s most in-demand marine applications – environmental monitoring, search and rescue, infrastructure inspection, and more. Each vessel is powered by Marine Tensor™, Marine Thinking’s AI-driven control and communication system. Our company also works with businesses to integrate Marine Tensor™ into their existing fleet of vessels, transforming crewed vessels into autonomous uncrewed vessels.