Kognitiv Spark

Meeting Objectives

To meet with companies that have an interest in immersive technologies that modernize approaches to sustainability and knowledge transfer, and bring valuable across business impacts, human impacts and environmental impacts.

Organization Profile

Established in 2016, Kognitiv Spark is a global tech company headquartered in Fredericton, NB, with an additional offices in the United Kingdom. We are recognized for developing a secure, reliable, and network agnostic mixed reality performance support application, RemoteSpark. We help workforces achieve more, operate with confidence, and solve issues quickly, safely, and accurately.

RemoteSpark clients experience improved knowledge transfer, increased productivity, enhanced safety, reduced down-time and quicker time to competency. Our solution enables workers and experts to connect remotely through hands-free, two-way video and voice calls, thereby reducing the need to travel and eliminating geographic boundaries. Users can access and use 2D and 3D holographic assets, which can be spatially anchored to specific locations or equipment. RemoteSpark is optimized for low bandwidth and offline scenarios and is supported by a robust security infrastructure.

RemoteSpark is used extensively across a variety of sectors, including leading companies in manufacturing, oil & gas, aerospace, defence, utilities, transportation, pharma/health, processing and more.