GRi Simulations

Organization Profile

GRi Simulations is a Canadian technology company founded in 1986 and has been delivering high-fidelity simulation solutions for marine systems and offshore energy operations since 1998. GRi offers a range of digital simulation and visualization software products and services that enhance the safety, security and productivity of marine energy projects. Their main software product lines are the VROV Simulator System and the iDEA Digital Twin field development kit. They build simulators for marine robotics systems and their operators, and create realistic, data-rich virtual environments to enhance innovation and decision-making.

GRi are currently involved in two major projects that are focused on multi-sectoral collaboration.

Digital Oceans Canada (DOC) is an Ocean Supercluster project where GRi are working with ERINL, Virtual Marine, MNP Digital and Hatch to build a commercial, scalable cloud platform on Microsoft Azure to enable data sharing and collaborative development of digital twins that are interoperable with other platforms. GRi’s Use Case focuses on the creation of multi-sectoral digital twin simulation environments to support the development of autonomy for robotics intervention systems, including ROVs, AUVs, and USVs. These digital twins include simulated operating environments for offshore oil and gas, offshore wind, and aquaculture.

GRi are also starting a Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) project which is focused on creating digital twin simulation environments for mining applications. In this project we intend to transition our software to be used in land-based mining applications, so we will be creating digital twin simulation environments for open-pit and underground mining facilities to support the transition of mining vehicles towards remote control and eventually fully autonomous functionality.