Corruven Canada Inc

New Brunswick

Logistics & Supply Chain

Meeting Objectives

I would like to meet with companies that are interested to meet with us about replacing plastic foams in their packaging solutions. Make people aware that there is an existing solution to replace foam in cushioning applications.

Organization Profile

At Corruven, we made it our mission to create a game-changing innovative solution towards building a truly sustainable future. We have managed to create CORRPACK, a packaging material that is not only a performant alternative to foams and plastics, but also environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable. CORRPACKā€™s unique shape optimizes the force/weight ratio creating a lightweight and robust panel perfectly suited for protective packaging. Our stacking efficiency will improve your shipping capacity and minimize your warehousing, creating savings on freight and operational space. Corruven continues building successful partnerships with international distributors and direct customers.