Copsys Technologies Inc.

Newfoundland and Labrador


Meeting Objectives

Copsys has created Copsys Intelligent Digital Skin (CIDS), a novel paint-based technology that promises to disrupt integrity management of assets and infrastructure threatened by corrosion. CIDS digitally detects and locates barrier coating damage or failure in real time before corrosion can occur, and provides an electrochemical barrier to prevent corrosion of assets that have been exposed to corrosive environments.  

  • Copsys is interested in exploring collaborative to develop a range of focused asset integrity applications

Organization Profile

5 Tonnes of steel are lost to corrosion every second! Copsys Intelligent Digital Skin (CIDS) is the first paint with feelings – able to remotely detect and accurately locate coating barrier failure in real time before corrosion can occur. CIDS advanced coating-integrated cathodic protection (ICCP) stops corrosion before it can occur, ensuring a good night’s sleep, not just for rust, but for asset owners and operators!