City of Summerside

Meeting Objectives

Our goal of the B2B meetings is to engage with companies to share the Summerside experience and opportunities to expand in Summerside in an accessible and business focused environment.  To further our community decarbonization aspirations through talking with like-minded companies within the following innovation verticals.

  • Advancement in developing Net Zero or Energy Positive Subdivisions
  • Decarbonization Innovations of Built Environment
  • Storage and Distributed Energy Solutions
  • Companies interested in leasing industrial space in Atlantic Canada’s premier net zero industrialincubator
  • Companies interested in joining the Summerside Xchange Accelerator -
  • Companies Interested in participating in our three open challenges -

Other Areas of Collaboration

  • Electric Storage and Grid Integration
  • Electric Vehicles (including bus and passenger vehicle)
  • Electric Car Charger Solutions with Battery Storage
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Appliance Control
  • Residential Environmental Controls
  • Smart Home Innovation
  • Medical Home Care Solutions
  • Solar Energy Integration
  • Bio Fuel from Waste
  • Advanced IT Development
  • Interoperability for Big Data

Organization Profile

The City of Summerside, PEI with a population of over 17,000 people, sophisticated and open infrastructure, municipally owned and operated including utility grade renewable energy generation assets. The City has more than 20 years of market validation expertise and programs, coupled with our ambition to be Canada’s first net zero city. The City owns its own power utility, with significant wind/solar/battery assets, as well as international investment partnerships.
The City has a collaborative business approach and access to key decision makers, Summerside offers the perfect investment location for companies wishing to establish and grow in North America.

Summerside PEI seeks capital investment, technology, and innovation to further advance the community as well as a source of jobs. Our priorities sector include Advanced Manufacturing, Cleantech (including distributed energy/transport, Marine and Agriculture), Domestic Green Hydrogen Value Chain Development, Decarbonization of built infrastructure, Aerospace MRO, Information Technology including Ai, back office support and capital investment in facilities.

The City over the past two decades has partnered with a large number of innovative companies in developing, validating and testing new innovative technologies – to see additional case studies please visit in many cases becoming the “first or only” partner with technology lead businesses seeking to expand into the North American marketplace.