Ocean Technology

Meeting Objectives

BLUEiQ's Participation in the Mississippi SEUS Event, August 2024 BLUEiQ's primary objectives for participating in the Mississippi SEUS event in August 2024 are to showcase our innovative software-defined hydrophone system, OpenEar, and its applications in marine conservation and national security. We aim to build strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the blue economy, including industry leaders, government agencies, and academic institutions. By engaging in discussions and networking opportunities, we seek to explore collaborative projects, secure potential funding sources, and gain insights into emerging market needs. Additionally, we intend to highlight our contributions to marine biodiversity protection and port security, demonstrating our commitment to advancing sustainable technologies that address critical challenges in ocean monitoring and autonomous sensing. Through our participation, we hope to strengthen our presence in the Southeastern United States and drive forward our mission of transforming undersea acoustics into actionable intelligence.

Organization Profile

BLUEiQ is a certified Women-Owned Business leading innovation in low SWaP-C (Size, Weight, and Power – Cost) software-defined hydrophones. BLUEiQ is at the forefront of innovating passive acoustic monitoring, leveraging on-the-edge machine learning to enable multi-use applications. Our innovation plays a crucial role in preventing shipping vessel mammal strikes, mitigating anthropogenic noise to safeguard biodiversity, and enhancing port security. BLUEiQ is dedicated to creating the planet’s best underwater acoustics, transforming undersea sounds into actionable intelligence.

🏅2024 Gulf Blue Navigator
🏅2024 BLUE Excelerator (BX4) at BLUE Innovation Labs
🏅2024 BLUE Incubator at BLUE Innovation Labs
🏅2024 Greentown Labs
🏅2023 Gulf of Maine Research Institute + Gulf of Maine Ventures BlueTech Boost
🏅2023 Cleantech Open Northeast / NECEC + Cleantech Open
🏅2023 MassChallenge Early-Stage Startup
🏅2023 MassChallenge BlueTech Sprint