Atlantis International Group

Meeting Objectives

To meet companies and organizations who want to expand in the Southeastern U.S. and companies who are seeking global opportunities.

Organization Profile

Pierson Global and Atlantis International Group, both of which assist companies in achieving their business objectives. I have worked with a number of companies from Atlantic Canada over the years in finding opportunities in the Southeastern United States. I also have been to China 12 times and have a business partner in Beijing with whom I have been working over a decade. In addition, I have assisted a number of European companies and have represented the City of Berlin in the U.S. and worked with the German-American Chamber of the Southeastern United States on a number of projects.

Assisting companies in the Southeastern U.S. find global opportunities through an extensive network of contacts. SEUS-CP is an excellent opportunity to develop new relationships. Mark attended the first SEUS-CP in Savannah.