Algaen Corporation

North Carolina


Meeting Objectives

We have recently developed an environmental technology, which can effectively remove heavy metal pollution from water bodies (lake, river, pond) by using microalgae. We are looking for mine companies, who have made serious heavy metal pollution to various water bodies by exploring gold, or other metals. We are also looking for governmental agencies, who manage the environmental protection and are dealing with water pollution problems. We hope to meet these companies or agencies to introduce our new technology for solving their water pollution problems.

Organization Profile

Algaen Corporation is a North Carolina based biotechnology company, exploiting and utilizing microalgae to develop, produce and market cutting-edge bioproducts for food, nutraceutical & pharmaceutical, and aquaculture industries to improve human health. We leverage our unique product development capabilities and proprietary manufacturing technologies to commercialize high-value algae-based feed additives, dietary supplements, fine chemicals, and pharmaceuticals from microalgae. The current products include microalgal foods, AlgaBerry & JadeBerry; seafood, Green Gill Oyster; polyunsaturated fatty acids rich in stearidonic acid (SDA); and microalgae-based feed for oyster and shrimp. Our key technologies include microalgal strains, photobioreator, and processing.