Fairport Services Inc.

Organization Profile

Fairport Services

A Seafair Capital Company

Fairport Services offers turnkey, streamlined and reliable business services for Newfoundland & Labrador’s energy, marine and industrial sectors. With offices in Placentia, Corner Brook and St. John’s, we are strategically positioned to serve global partners with local solutions rooted in reliability, value, and community benefit.

Our team works directly with EPC firms and Project Proponents engaged in Newfoundland & Labrador’s Energy, Marine and Industrial sectors. In addition to coordinating and supplementing the capabilities of large vendors, we strategically mobilize and aggregate the capacity of small businesses within local communities to enable their participation in development projects.

We Are Local

As a Seafair Capital company, Fairport Services’ is 100% in Newfoundland and Labrador owned. We believe in the importance of making our part of the world the best it can be, bringing innovation and energy to all that we do.

Capability & Talent

Leveraging the strength of Seafair and our many partners, Fairport Services brings together entrepreneurs, CPAs, medical professionals, engineers, marketers, business leadership, innovation, hospitality services, staffing, supply chain, logistics, and occupational health & safety.

Depth of Experience

Proven track record across industry sectors with diverse partners. We offer and improve coordination, management, services, and impact through the creative and pragmatic use of resources to solve real-world needs.

Seafair Capital Inc.

Seafair Capital is a private investment company that provides strategic leadership and expertise to our group of partner companies. We unlock potential in our companies, communities and people by aligning strategy and operations with our core values.

We have a dynamic corporate culture that reinforces our core values of integrity, entrepreneurship, community, action, and fun. We Believe in building a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable economy that has positive impacts for generations to come.