Pennecon Limited

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Newfoundland and Labrador

Construction Services | Engineering Services

Meeting Objectives

Pennecon’s growth strategy is expected to be underpinned by increasing opportunities found in the energy transition that is happening worldwide and more specifically in eastern Canada in the green and blue economies. Industrial plant construction and maintenance (eg. Hydrogen) coupled with wind and hydroelectric power generation are at the core of our competencies and as a result we want to be present in the supply chain and also develop our own network by meeting with:

  • companies that are looking to engage local supply chain capability for: green hydrogen and ammonia projects, onshore wind energy projects, hydropower projects, and offshore wind project opportunities in eastern Canada and potentially into the US;
  • companies that may have import/export and service opportunities through Pennecon Marine Base;
  • companies that have technical service needs in power, hydraulic systems, engineered repair services, marine deck equipment, and controls and automation systems.

Organization Profile

From breaking ground to commissioning and long-term site maintenance, Pennecon Limited is one of Canada’s pre-eminent general contractors and has delivered some of Canada’s toughest jobs, spanning coast-to-coast and northern frontiers. Pennecon is a leading provider of integrated solutions across a diverse portfolio of capabilities: Heavy Civil, Industrial, Services & Maintenance, and Marine. From breaking new ground to commissioning and ongoing site maintenance, Pennecon delivers the best solutions, service, and quality.


Powered by a diverse team from across Canada, we are united by our passion and determination to deliver results on the most complex jobs and challenging environments. With annual revenues over CAD 400 million per annum and a workforce of over 2,500 personnel at peak, Pennecon’s experience includes some of Canada’s largest megaprojects. Pennecon has a unique ability to scale its work force and adapt quickly to specific project and client needs. With our flexible and dedicated staff, in conjunction with labour agreements, we can scale our project team to the unique requirements of any project, whether it is a maintenance and service contract or a large-scale megaproject.


From start to finish we work hard to deliver the best possible services, quality, and standards of safety on the most complex projects in the most challenging places. We have the proven capability to pool our individual breadth of organizational resources to step-up and deliver complex projects. No matter where the location, what the scope, we deliver.